Her work is gorgeous and with every new exhibit, her art keeps transforming into more stunning and sophisticated expressions. The photos really do not capture their true essence and how the pieces change with the light as you admire them from different viewpoints. You just have to see them in person!
— Valentina Texera-Parissi, CEO Great Books Foundation
Sandra’s piece is on our living room wall. I love how the colors and the circle shapes enhance each other.
— Private collector, Chicago, IL
Thank you, Sandra.
I will cherish your artwork for many years to come!
— Private collector, Chicago, IL
Some of the biggest artworks in this Collective were very small in format, almost miniature. One of them was the minimal landscape, very refined, with gold threads, grays and blues, filled with changing glares of artist Sandra Abbo.
— Perán Erminy, Art Critic, journalist and visual artist, Caracas, Venezuela
Sandra’s impossible landscapes are a mixture of photographs printed on metal, with silks, tulle, threads, and a lot of talent ! “Luminance” is her best work yet.
— Private collector, Chicago, IL